Our Story

Our Roots: Doctor Bird Apparel was founded in 2013 on a trip to the Caribbean to visit family. It is a Caribbean Influenced Luxury Brand. Inspiration is drawn from the lively music, food scene and languages of the various Caribbean cultures.

The doctor bird is a species of humming bird native to the Caribbean and is known for its beautiful colors. This mix of colors represents the mash up of cultures in the Caribbean and has enabled the brand to the represent island life with a luxury urban appeal.

With people, all over the world sharing a love for Caribbean culture, Dr. Bird Apparel is recognized as an international brand known for its high quality and fashionable products.

Our Mission: We aim to reconnect you to the culture and diversity that is the Caribbean through our brand. Reconnect to your Caribbean heritage with phrases you grew up hearing as a child. Appreciate the lively lingo you heard while on vacation in Trinidad during Carnival, we know you love to fete hard!

Charity: We have partnered with various charities in the Caribbean to give back a portion of our earnings to support the communities most of us are from. We believe strongly in family and if one of us eats, we all eat. That idea extends to our Caribbean communities, even if we don't share the same island we share the same heart. So far we have given over $5,000 back and plan on ramping up in the future. If you know of any Caribbean based charities that might be a fit please feel free to reach out to us. 

Questions: Email us at